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Russian grain for the whole planet

The company "Smolensk Agro Exports" is engaged in the export of agricultural products, particularly oilseeds, leguminous plants and cereals. The main export commodity is oilseeds. We are distributors of maslinica cultures, coriander,
mustard, millet, buckwheat and peas throughout Europe.

Crops grown on the agricultural land of the company is of high quality and meets the quality requirements of the European Union. The applied agrotechnical methods of cultivation include fertilizer checked for compliance with environmental regulations, modern technique for harvesting and cleaning grain. Confirmation of a properly structured process chain for growing and harvest of grain and oilseeds is a rich harvest gathered in 2013 on the fields of our company.

We guarantee

our customers


On 100% we carry out all conditions of the contract just in time, at agreed prices.


We cooperate with huge logistics companies, realizing deliveries in the shortest possible time.

Good service

Absolute guarantee of liability to the buyer for the paid amount.


Reflected registration of documents and passage of the cargo across the border without any problems.


All products pass three stages of quality control with the provision of relevant documents.

Process of work

performed with the client

Customer reference

You can always contact us via phone or e-mail ...

Refinement of indicators

You specify exactly those indicators of the product line that are needed.

Price negotiation

We offer flexible price options for cooperation.

Product presentation

The presentation of the goods is made by means of sending photos.

Shipping cargo

The goods will be sent to the address you specify through transport companies.

Geography of deliveries

The company Smolensk Agro Export produces export deliveries of agricultural products to the countries of Europe, Asia and Africa such as:

Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Moldova, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

Dynamics of growth of deliveries

Every year there is an active growth in the dynamics
of agricultural supplies. In 2023, our company fully
completed deliveries of more than
31,000 tones.

6 512 т
13 023 т
10 048 т
15 000 т
18 053 т
19 026 т
23 012 т
25 600 т
27 595 т
31 700 т

To know the price

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