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About us

The company "Smolensk Agro Exports" is engaged in the export of agricultural
products, particularly oilseeds, leguminous plants and cereals. The main export
commodity is oilseeds. We are distributors of maslinica cultures, coriander,
mustard, millet, buckwheat and peas throughout Europe.

In early 2023 we have fully complied with the planned volumes of deliveries to our partners on 2022. You can buy our products for fodder in the farms and enterprises of
processing and food industry. Crops grown on the agricultural land of the company is of high quality and meets the quality requirements of the European Union. The applied agrotechnical methods of cultivation include fertilizer checked for compliance with environmental regulations, modern technique for harvesting and cleaning grain. Confirmation of a properly structured process chain for growing and harvest of grain and oilseeds is a rich harvest gathered in 2013 on the fields of our company.

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